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I am Angela Smith.  I am an artist, humorist/comedian, author, activist, poet, and human being.  I have reclaimed this webspace to showcase my literary works.  However, some of the pages of this site will remain as support for HEAL.  You can learn more about me and support HEAL simultaneously (as a portion of proceeds from book sales benefit HEAL), by purchasing one or more of the books I have authored below.  Purchasing through Lulu.com will result in the greatest benefit to myself and HEAL.  But, any help is greatly appreciated.  I believe you will enjoy the books.  A few are based on actual events related to my life and activism.  Check out the following titles available for free download now at: "It's All The Rage" http://www.heal-online.org/ebook.pdf and "Activism 101: How to Succeed in Peaceful Revolution" http://www.heal-online.org/activism101.pdf.  The additional titles available for purchase to support HEAL and myself in continuing to stop child trafficking and exploitation, are available below:


Coming soon: "The Petroleum Club Exposed! [You Might Be In It Too]".  In this book I expose corruption involving big banks, big oil, modern slavery, debt peonage, and various government officials who fail to do their duty of protecting the rights of Americans because they enjoy the money too much.  The facts and information may be useful to anyone who would like to make more informed decisions as a voter and/or consumer of banking, petroleum, or any industry exploiting or engaging in modern slavery.

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